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oogaa...wonderful & wise feeding products for you and your baby.....

oogaa, the innovative design company creates safe, sustainable and fun feeding products for children. Bright, bold and engaging designs that entertain little ones as they make life easier for adults.

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why oogaa® uses silicone

advantages vs. plastics All oogaa® feeding range products are BPA free, regularly tested to comply with the most stringent European safety standards and are safe…

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We just LOVE oogaa spoons

Jade, Florida

My son always has to eat using his oogaa bowls; he thinks they are fantastic

Mom, London

We were very impressed with your products and feel they are a must-have for all moms!

Modern Day Moms

My kids absolutely love these products! They are made out of silicone and safe for our Spina Bifida baby as well as fun! I am so proud of my friend Sam for starting this company!


Very EXCITING! CONGRATS to my first childhood friend, who is part of my earliest memories, on the launch of her company that makes awesome, fun, practical, and SAFE, baby feeding tools. NO MORE GLASS or cheap plastic!!! YAY!!! Buy her stuff!


This oogaa stuff is incredible! I expected it to be great for my 18- month old, but my five year old has sworn off hard plastic and insists on only using his green bowl and spoon, atop his green placemat. Which is fine by me, because the bowls go from microwave, to table, to dishwasher. I make a LOT of microwave mac-and-cheese, so imagine my excitement that I can cook and serve it in the same bowl– and it’s not too hot! Thanks, Oogaa for an awesome new line. I can’t wait to buy them for my nieces and nephews.


My daughter does love them, particularly the bowls which get used as hats, toys and then finally for food.


Just wanted to let you know that the first feedback from my kids regarding oogaa is excellent. They love it.

Toronto, CANADA

My daughter Thelma loves her oogaa spoons!!! Not only do we use them for breakfast, lunch and dinner but she takes one everywhere we go to chew on. They are great for teething because they are indestructible. We cannot wait for more oogaa products to become available; everything we have gotten has been a quality product and obviously adorable.

Philadelphia, USA

I just want you to know how brilliant i think your Oogaa Bowls and Spoons are! They are so easy to use and my boy Dylan loves them. My Husband finds it brilliant to feed our Son as they are easy to use for both fathers and Mothers. We are from South Wales in the UK and I believe these would go down a storm if sold over here. I wish you all the best and success with these goodies. xx

Rachel Hart, UK

I love my oogaa dishes and utensils for my granddaughter.

Diane Coleman, USA