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oogaa silicone bowls, from oven to highchair!

oogaa silicone bowls, from oven to highchair!


















Thank you Amber for sharing your recipe on the oogaa blog and for your adorable photo of Aiden!

I just made another meal in the oogaa bowl that Aiden loved:  Mexican Mac and Cheese.

Cooked spiral noodles

Black beans

Sausage (called for chorizo, but I thought that would have been too spicy for him so I used turkey sausage)

Pineapple salsa (again, I substituted this over regular salsa as the Trader Joe’s brand of pineapple salsa is not spicy at all)

Cheddar Cheese

I baked it for about 15 minutes just until the cheese was melted and it was heated thru.  Add a side of cottage cheese and tada!

The actual recipe came from a magazine and as I was making it for my husband, I realized the kiddo version would be really easy to make at the same time, so that’s where it came from.


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