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An Oogaa is Born

Meet the oogaas…

Ooh my goodness; they’re everywhere! The little critters that cover our clever stuff are called oogaas and they’re the happiest, most fun-loving party animals around. On spoon handles, dish rims, bodysuits… oogaas smile from every surface and they love nothing better than a clean plate, a full tum, and a happy, healthy tot.

But this menagerie of madness isn’t just a modern marketing ploy. These crazy critters have been around for years. Our founder, Sam Skolnik first imagined them when she was 9 years old – still in pigtails and missing teeth.

In the limelight once more, the oogaas add their happy smiles to every product we offer – so your own little darling can always be entertained by an oogaa.