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Survey says, most people are not aware of BPS, Bisphenol S


Social media is amazing! I can see that our average follower is 29 years old and that 95% of our total followers are women. Seven years ago our average follower would have been 23. At 23 I was not focused on harmful chemicals. If you didn’t have a baby then you would probably not remember this:

There was a movement of amazing moms across the USA who fought to have BPA banned from our baby’s bottles and sippy cups. They voiced their concerns and won! Manufacturers heard them and removed the chemical. We now expect to see that BPA free logo on the plastic merchandise we purchase today. Those moms seven years ago educated us to say no to BPA. If our survey asked you if you knew what BPA was I think most of us would have said Yes. It does not surprise me that very little of our almost 400 comments responded with No, they did not know what BPS was.


Now BPA is removed from our plastics we need to look at the replacement chemicals. You can’t just remove an important chemical that makes your plastic non-breakable, strong and lightweight. The chemical needs to be replaced. What have they replaced it with?

BPA or Bisphenol A also has cousins (as one of our instagram followers @careydwyer said, “It’s like BPAs legal cousin, the compound many manufactures use to be able to label their products “BPA free” ”). Not only does BPA have a cousin BPS but many others too. Bisphenols are used in many products and will continue to be used because of its importance to make plastic products perform properly.


Chemists like Steven G Hentges (Steven G. Hentges, holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Stanford … He is the Executive Director of the Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group). Hmm go figure he feels it is safe. I point Dr Hentges out because he is the only reference I could find to offer a voice that BPA is safe. I always feel it is important to give both sides of research. Dr Hentges has done studies to show that BPA passes through the body quite fast (6 hours). In those six hours it moves along and says hello to other chemicals and finds its way out the other end. We all know how digestion works and we also know, really important things happen along the way, like – nutrition and chemical reactions. I’m just not convinced that those six hours are free from harm and the continuous exposure would keep the BPA inside us too.

The research that is alarming and most important to share is that BPA and BPS are endocrine disruptors. This means that these chemicals are proven in studies to disrupt the hormonal system. That is why BPA is linked to early puberty and breast cancer. Early research showed that BPS was meant to be more heat-stable and less disruptive to the hormonal system so a better fit than BPA.  New studies from 2016 show BPS may be more disruptive than BPA and may be linked to reproductive difficulties in adults and asthma in infants.

What can we do?

The most important thing is to be informed.  We can ask manufactures to avoid Bisphenols from baby products. Social Media allows us direct access to manufactures. Ask them for BPS free products too. Be the voice and limit your child’s exposure to ALL plastics!

I’m not an expert but I’m a mom and small business owner. I’m the one in charge of the testing and chemical safety. I communicate with the testing agency. I examine the testing results. I spend hours finding the safest alternatives. I provide products to babies and I’m not going to put profits before principles!

Here are some links if you want to learn more.

By Diane Rafizadeh August 17, 2016


“BPA and BPS disrupt pathways involving thyroid hormone receptors, which regulate metabolism, and aromatase, an enzyme that helps produce estrogen.”


The NY Times reported this in 2011.

“The problem is that our regulatory system allows manufacturers to introduce or continue to use chemicals that have not been adequately tested for safety. A manufacturer can replace BPA with another untested compound and get a few years’ use out of it before it, too, becomes the subject of health alerts or news media attention. By the time we know what those new chemicals do to us, entire generations are affected. We are the guinea pigs.”

oogaa Why use silicone?

giveaway oogaa easytoddlermealsWhy choose silicone? When designing the oogaa products I did a lot of research about safe plastics.  To be honest, I could not find ANY that were safe for babies when exposed to temperature change!  I really struggled with a moral decision.  Do I use potentially toxic plastics and make a mass produced line of low cost products or do I find an alternative to plastic and risk being too expensive .  In 2010 silicone was not a popular material like today but it sure had amazing properties: non-toxic, stable to extreme hot and cold, soft and durable.  I had to choose what was safe! Principles before Profits!

Toxins are released from plastics when temperatures change. Hot, cold and even warm. Yes, even warm foods sitting on plastics can potentially release minuscule amounts of toxins into the food. I always explain that little bodies cannot filter the toxins and it is not worth the risk exposing them to plastics at mealtime.

Save your plastics for when little bodies grow and for room temperature foods.  Why take a risk when you have options like oogaa!

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