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oogaa® truck spoon wins an Academy Star 2014 New Arrival Award, from the prestigious Cribsie judges.

The oogaa truck spoon has won a, Cribsie New Arrival Award with an Academy Star! This award honors the best products of 2014. I was asked recently what my favorite product was and I would have to say,  I love the oogaa truck spoon!  It is designed with a tiny flatbed that can hold a…

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BPA is gone from our baby products but what have they replaced it with? oogaa talks about silicone safe baby feeding products 2014.

Re-think what you use to feed your little ones. Do you use plastic spoons, plastic plates, or does your baby eat from their plastic high-chair tray? Unwanted toxins can leach from some plastics.  Just because you buy bisphanol A (BPA) free, does not necessarily mean it is safe.  BPA is used to make plastics shatter-proof…

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oogaa® baby spoons and bowls are among American Baby Magazine Editors’ Faves!

see oogaa’s mealtime set in the November issue of American Baby Magazine, on newsstands now. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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