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oogaa mealtime set
silicone airplane spoons
silicone train spoons
Silicone placemats
silicone bowls

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All oogaa products, from concept to research & development to your child’s play time, are crafted lovingly from materials and designs that impact well-being in a positive and constructive way. Our mission is to ensure that children everywhere come into contact with only the healthiest possible materials and designs — at play, meal or bedtime.

Silicone Placemats

Playful, pliable, oogaa placemats are not only a snap to clean, they stay where you put them and won’t slide off surfaces.

Silicone Mealtime Sets

Consisting of a colourful 9oz bowl and 2 spoons. No more chips, breaks or loud noises when these bowls go whoops-a-daisy.

Silicone Spoons

“Zoom-zoom” airplanes, “choo-choo” trains, “toot-toot tugboats and “beep-beep trucks deliver the rice, peas and carrots right where you want them.