Translating your ideas to reality

I’m secretly lazy (my husband would definitely agree), I enjoy my own company and I talk to myself inside my head – always writing a letter or a journal entry, returning an email or now this blog.  If I could only record my mind, because as soon as I get to the computer to write my thoughts down they never turn out as good as the conversation inside my head.

Designing is different, usually my tangible ideas come out of my head very easily, although my sketches are dire.  My husband Tristan is an ideas guy, that’s my job description for him; he’ll come up with an idea and get it made.  Well, seeing really is believing and once you go through the process of translating your ideas to reality, it becomes addictive!

Tristan’s Frisbee design also featured in Top Trumps

My design translated to a dull grey three-dimensional mould, I was half way, then I gave up.  I had spent two thousand pounds but I didn’t know how to proceed, maybe I wasn’t ready, but to be honest I was afraid.

I sat in front of two spoons and four patterns for nine years, I sat in front of other companies cool designs, repeat patterns flooding the children’s market and to make me even more frustrated, a plane and a train spoon launched with success.

Nine years later I figured it out

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