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I haven’t had a chance to update my country of residence since we returned from Hong Kong, and a certain someone told me to make my blogs short because no one has time to read blogs.  I disagree, I’m just as interested in longer content (I won’t make this t0o long)!

My first blog entry was six months ago while we lived in Hong Kong.  We have since moved back to Florida, my son Max has started back at his old school, his head gently stuffed with Mandarin and a taste for caviar, seaweed and of all things- escargot.  His first career choice is a professional English football player and if that doesn’t work out he’ll take his second choice as an international food critic.

Our summer came and went, filled with family visiting from England and my dear friend and her girls being tortured by the lens of my camera.  I’ve gotten some beautiful photos and feel so proud of all my hard work getting oogaa products literally to the table.  3 weeks until our launch!

Finally, my long overdue quest to enter the world of Twitter ended today.  I have TWEETED and will honestly say it is fantastic!  People passing on really cool stuff about business, food and general life topics- I’m a sucker for the in-depth/ deep article and the funny honest mom posts, that tell it like it is.

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