oogaa® launches in Hong Kong

We in the West like to talk in terms of a post-war baby boom. However Hong Kong, where oogaa® debuted November 3 at the Bumps to Babes superstore, knows something about booming. In fact, since the end of WWII the population of Hong Kong has grown ten times, from 700,000 to over 7 million. For babies lucky enough to be born in Hong Kong, food is the most important part of local culture. Hong Kongers love food. Visitors to the city soon discover that the culture revolves around breakfast, lunch and dinner — plus a lot of snacking in between. This love of food, along with a growing awareness of sustainability and the importance of toxin-free products for their “little Emperors” (and Empresses) make Hong Kong and oogaa® the perfect fit. Bumps to Babes Superstore




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