oogaa, baby feeding products, silicone. Avoid mealtime dramas with our top feeding tips:

Avoid mealtime dramas with our top feeding tips:

 Hold on  Don’t start weaning until your baby’s ready. That could be anytime between 4 and 6 months – when baby can sit with support, has started to make chewing motions, looks longingly at your food – or even makes a grab for it!

Have fun  Use oogaa spoons, bowls and placemats to spiff up mealtimes. It’s amazing how much more readily baby will open wide for a train load of fish pie – and you’ll be chuffed to bits!

Don’t panic  If your child refuses to eat something, don’t get into a struggle. But don’t give up. Wait for a week or so then try introducing it again – his or her tastes are changing and developing by the day.

Hands off  Try not to be in charge of everything. Let your child explore a bit – and don’t worry, oogaa bowls, spoons and placemats are soft, durable and completely safe.

In the mix  Introduce all kinds of foods to stimulate the senses. Your child will love discovering different tastes, textures and smells – and hopefully be a more adventurous eater later on.

Chill out  oogaa spoons make a great teether and let your child practice using his or her developing jaw. Why not keep a few in the fridge to help soothe tender gums and provide a happy distraction from any discomfort. 

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