Inspiration from father and son

Breastfeeding my baby was hard work, my son was slow at latching, slow at feeding and fed on demand.  At one month old my mom arrived in town and we organized bottles so I could have a little break and sleep more than two hours straight.  We introduced formula with no success, then tried my breast milk in a bottle determined to have my husband experience feeding his baby.  Shirtless and a little awkward, my husband tried with patience on and off for hours, we gave in!

It was back to me and my milk, my sleepless nights and me staring at the dark bedroom wall listening to my husband snore. As the weeks went by it became easier and the hours of sleep spread longer, I loved feeding my baby.

This enjoyment of feeding naturally shifted into weaning and some of our best memories, as a young family of three, was the start of solid foods.  This is when my husband bonded with his son.  He dramatized the airplane and train noises- I loved watching my son’s face as he focused on the spoon so seriously as it flew around over his daddy’s head, finally making a soft yummy landing with big smiles all around.

And so, my idea of creating products that make mealtimes fun with lasting memories came from watching father and son.

They still have fun in the kitchen today!

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