oogaa products, NO Green-washing!

Products can be called all natural when they are made from naturally occurring elements but what if those naturally occurring elements are harmful?

The 7 sins of Green-washing by TerraChoice Group inc., a consultancy firm dedicated to sustainability linking science with business.

Do companies really trick consumers?  I started my research- and found an awful lot of people exposing sins of green-washing, just google it!

What exactly does green-washing mean?  Green-wash (green’wash’, -wôsh’) – verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.” (entered in the Oxford English Dictionary, 1999)

And this is no joke- in the 2010 report by TerraChoice Group inc. it states that “BPA + Phthalate- Related claims are skyrocketing.  The percentage of products making BPA-free claims has increased by 577% and those making phthalate-free claims increased in 2550%.  Two-thirds of these claims appear on toys and baby products. “

The perfect example is from sin #3 – “Sin of vagueness – Committed by every claim that is so poorly defined or broad that its real meaning is likely to be misunderstood by the consumer.“All-natural” Is an example.  Arsenic, uranium, mercury and formaldehyde are all naturally occurring and poisonous.  “All natural” Isn’t necessarily “green”.”

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