Yes to SNAIL MAIL! oogaa® teams up with Pure Hoopla, fine stationery!

Snail mail is still as wonderful now as it was when I was little – waiting for that photo of my new cousin to arrive or dashing barefoot to the mailbox hoping to find a postcard inside.  Now that I’m almost middle-aged and we live in an era of the zippy internet, my son runs to the computer to meet his new baby cousin and sends text messages to his friends abroad.  What happened to SNAIL MAIL?

Oogaa has teamed up with Pure Hoopla to bring back the snail mail and help you share some wonderful news in a stylish and memorable way.  Pure Hoopla helps you design beautiful announcement/invites/birthday cards on quality paper, shipped to your door.  You can even receive your cards for FREE and get discounts for oogaa feeding products!  See how here (scroll down on Pure Hoopla’s site to watch their funky video).

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