pink mom blue mom .com tests out oogaa® baby feeding products

We really like the concept behind, pink mom blue mom. When pink mom blue mom contacted us, three things immediately jumped out about this unique blog…

1. Two moms/sisters write a blog together 2. Pink mom has a girl and blue mom has a boy, only six weeks apart. 3. One mom lives in NYC and one mom lives in Los Angeles.

Two different perspectives, one with a boy and one with a girl, testing the same products – such a great idea! We were really excited to see how they were going to pull it all together (taking photos of little ones eating is not easy!). To read their post and see more adorable photos click here. Follow them on facebook.

Pink mom blue mom/sisters, thank you for your fantastic feature/review of our oogaa® products!

All photos by pink mom blue mompinkmombluemom


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