A mom on a mission, oogaa feeding products made safe and fun!

Did you know? Oogaa was invented by a mom who wanted to make her baby Max’s mealtimes fun. But the real Eureka! moment came when she went to put the first zoom-zoom airplane spoon into production. Sam was horrified by what she found – plastics can contain a cocktail of nasty chemicals like toxic bisphenol A (BPA) and phalathes which can break down and leach harmful, toxic chemicals into a child’s growing body.

The search for a safe alternative began and 102 calls, 2,400 miles and many, many late nights later, Sam found silicone – a soft, durable, non toxic and environmentally responsible material that’s odourless, tasteless, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, steriliser safe, heat resistant, fling proof and all-round excellent.

Soon the first oogaa products were in production, so parents and babies everywhere could look forward to a brighter future with happier, healthier mealtimes. Don’t you just love a happy ending!pic of sam on oogaa stand



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