Baby girls love planes and trains just as much as boys! Exclusive 2 pack oogaa® baby and toddler spoons at Babies R Us!

People ask me all the time, when will oogaa make girl spoons like flowers and fairies.  It seemed obvious at first that we needed to design spoons that girls will love, right?  Baby girls couldn’t possibly like planes, trains, boats and trucks!
The more I racked my brain over the perfect girl shape, the more I wanted to fight against the stereotype that girls don’t like things that go VROOM.
The realization is, babies love interatction and that is what oogaa is about.  It’s about zooming that plane spoon all over the place and landing those warm peaches into a happy mouth and making up stories about an octopus that lives in a little pink tugboat spoon as you’re delivering the peas.
oogaa is about making feeding fun and making feeding safe, by providing products made of high-grade silicone that will not leach toxins into your baby’s growing body.
So get on board and try using oogaa’s planes, trains, tugboats and truck spoons at mealtime and see what your baby girl thinks about oogaa!
Available in stores and online at Babies “R” Us.
oogaa plane train and tugboat baby spoons

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