BPA is gone from our baby products but what have they replaced it with? oogaa talks about silicone safe baby feeding products.

Re-think what you use to feed your little ones.

Do you use plastic spoons, plastic plates, or does your baby eat from their plastic high-chair tray? Unwanted toxins can leach from some plastics.  Just because you buy bisphanol A (BPA) free, does not necessarily mean it is safe.  BPA is used to make plastics shatter-proof and tough, you can’t just take it away – you have to replace it.  How do we know the chemicals used to replace BPA are safe?

Our government (FDA) initially approved the use of BPA in baby products and has only ended their approval “based on market abandonment not safety”!

Parents, our government representatives, we all spoke up and we got rid of BPA in our baby’s products, amazing!  Now we need to move forward and talk about the replacement of BPA called bisphanol S (BPS).

This is a big concern to oogaa® and why we use silicone to make our baby feeding products.  Silicone does not contain BPA or BPS and the fillers and colors used are non-toxic.  The best part about silicone is that you would have to heat it above 500 degrees farenheit before any chemical reaction takes place- silicone is that stable!  Some plastics can leach toxins from heated baby foods.  If I knew (when my son was a baby) what I know now about toxins in plastics, I would have shouted from the rooftops. oogaa is my way of shouting, providing an alternative material to plastics at a comparable price.

At the end of the day we need plastics, they are convenient, inexpensive, plastic makes some great products BUT…when we have little bodies coming in contact with lots and lots of plastic, Re-think and try to reduce your use until those little bodies get bigger.

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