May your mealtimes be happy, healthy moments in 2014 ♡ oogaa

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Happy New Year from all of us at oogaa!


Greetings to you, lovely moms, friends and retailers. It’s January. The year’s still shiny and new, so we thought we’d send you our very best wishes for a fantastic 2014 and let you know what’s up at oogaa. So take moment, make yourself comfy (maybe even make a cup of tea!) and read all about it… 

First, a quick recap

As you may remember, oogaa’s the baby feedware brand that says ‘no’ to nasties – like the toxic chemicals used to make some plastic plates, bowls and other products. Our designs are formed from soft, safe non-toxic silicone so they won’t put babies’ health at risk. What’s more, they’re FUN! From zoom-zoom airplane spoons to cute critter placemats, oogaa’s engaging and colorful designs will entertain your little one while you shovel in the superfoods. From brilliant brekkies to dandy din-dins, happy, healthy mealtimes start here.

Grrrrubs up little’uns!

So let’s get the dinky diners exciting food journey underway and tell you about all the fantastic products now in the oogaa range:

oogaa bowls: Munch your lunch to see the smiley face inside! Colorful 9floz silicone bowls take whatever’s thrown at them (or in them).


oogaa spoons: From zoom-zoom airplanes to chug-tug boats, you’ll never see food disappear so fast as it does with the help of these fun designs!


oogaa placemats: Good and grippy both sides – and with colorful creatures to pass the wait between courses!

liam eating green set

oogaa divider dish: No more juggling bowls of baby food! This divided dish lets you give your little one 3 foods in one contoured, non-slip dish.

divided plate with food purple

oogaa groovy spoons: Ideal weaning spoons – with a textured base that glides over babies’ tongue and lips to stimulate the senses.

S822 pink & purple baby spoons RGB

oogaa accolades

The last 12 months have been amazing for oogaa. We were honoured with awards worldwide. From Red Tricycle Finalist in the US to the UK’s Best Baby & Toddler Gear awards, these fantastic recognitions all help spread the word, build confidence in our products, and create sales for you.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who nominated us and voted for us. We owe it all to you (we do!).

oogaa junior design awards copyFinalist BadgeBBTG 2013 Shortlisted Best Baby + Toddler Gear copy

Mom’s the word

Awards are great, but as we all know, these days the real influencers are real people – moms, dads and grandparents across the land who love our products and share their views on social media. So please, if you, your friends or your customers have something to say about oogaa – spill the beans and get social.

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Look forward to seeing you in 2014

Look on the bright side in 2014 and make sure you make an appointment with your local distributor or come and see us at one of these industry-leading jamborees:

Harrogate international nursery fair, UK with PHP Gift and Baby, ABC Kids Expo September 7-10, Las Vegas, USA.


Farewell for now. It’s been lovely to be in touch, and let’s make the future even better. Pull on your rocket boots and expect some seriously good times, great sales, happy parents and healthy tots in the coming year.

See you soon…


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