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time flies…

I try to write something personal once a year and it always seems I’m most inspired around my son’s birthday, when he turns a year older.

I’m reminded of time.
Time flies by, time flies by faster as we get older when we realize,
a month is only four weeks
a week is only seven days
a day is only twenty-four hours.
When you break down time, time is short,
so much to do
so much to say
so much to give
so much to take.
We have responsibilities, lessons to teach, lots to learn.
Most importantly we have a day ahead,
and a week in front of that
and months to grow
and a year to explore
and a decade to embrace
and a lifetime to live.
Remember to laugh and remember how important it is to make others remember you.
time flies…but time is life too!


time flies oogaa

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  1. lesley on February 1, 2014 at 9:10 am

    Kew Green in London with Sam and Max and Tristan…Scarlett and I will always have these memories too…so true. Lesley and Scarlett, London xxx

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