oogaa®, dedicated to making top quality, safe, baby feeding products and helping to save frogs too!

We posted about oogaa’s passion to save the frogs a while back and how important it is to support the animals you exploit.  We can’t cut a check to the oogaa characters but we can donate a little to help support their well-being.  We came across Frogs are Green and fell instantly in love with this cause.  They are committed to saving the frogs and educating our youth about the importance of frogs to our planet.  This April 2014 Frogs are Green celebrate Green Dream, an International Children’s Earth Day Exhibition at The Distillery Gallery and Artspace in Jersey City Heights, NJ.   Follow this link to learn more about the exhibition and help us save the frogs!

oogaa® donated on behalf of our character, Fungo Frog.fungo frog oogaa®

When I see a frog I smile, when I hold a frog in my hands I’m elated (depending on the size), when I find a frog swimming in a pool – I shower it off and release it, with the hope that it will make many more! #crazyfroglady #ilovefrogs

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