Fried rice anytime, oogaa style!

When I lived in Hong Kong I became obsessed with rice and I love fried rice! Breakfast, yes, breakfast & lunch & dinner too. A friend showed me how easy it is to make fried rice.  I have little patience in the kitchen but this is easy, fast, yummy and my son asks for it all the time!

Tip on cooking rice – how to measure the water.  For white rice, put your thumb in the water sitting on the rice and add the water just over your first joint. Bring water to a boil, uncovered. Reduce heat to simmer cover for 20mins.

Fried Rice!
Heat olive oil in a pan until hot.
Break eggs into pan and wait until you see a little white.
Stir in cooked rice.
Keep stirring until the egg is cooked and the rice is moist, approx. 3 mins.
Add spinach or arugula (I normally stir for about 1 min) – season if desired.
Crushed garlic is nice!
Top with cheddar cheese.

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