Food Art challenge 2015 using oogaa the best baby feeding products

Our April oogaa brand partner challenge was again BRILLIANT!

We asked our partners to make creative Food Art using the oogaa products for their props. We were wowed!

Studies show that Food Art works wonders for picky eaters, you know, those little ones who refuse to even look at the plate of food.  If you have experienced a child who hates to eat it is a very worrying thing as a parent.

I had a very picky eater toddler. Besides his love of most fruits.  He only ate chicken breast. If he saw any brown on his chicken he would push his plate away and refuse to eat.  I of course, inspected every single piece of meat like a mad women even a minute brown bit would ruin his appetite.  He did loved french fries, yeah I know, bad mom but I didn’t care he needed something in his belly. He also favored steamed brocolli, this was a life-saver I was so lucky he chose one vegetable and a perfect one at that.

Looking back he had selected a nice group of items and I’m certain that if I decorated his plate and added some new options he would have LOVED that.

Food Art grabs anyones attention and makes little ones curious, you know – like a cat.  They are more likely to investigate their plate and hopefully put a few more bites than usual into their mouths. Try it!



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