oogaa Why use silicone?

Why choose silicone? When designing the oogaa products I did a lot of research about safe plastics.  To be honest, I could not find ANY that were safe for babies when exposed to temperature change!  I really struggled with a moral decision.  Do I use potentially toxic plastics and make a mass produced line of low cost products or do I find an alternative to plastic and risk being too expensive .  In 2010 silicone was not a popular material like today but it sure had amazing properties: non-toxic, stable to extreme hot and cold, soft and durable.  I had to choose what was safe! Principles before Profits!

Toxins are released from plastics when temperatures change. Hot, cold and even warm. Yes, even warm foods sitting on plastics can potentially release minuscule amounts of toxins into the food. I always explain that little bodies cannot filter the toxins and it is not worth the risk exposing them to plastics at mealtime.

Save your plastics for when little bodies grow and for room temperature foods.  Why take a risk when you have options like oogaa!

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