butternut squash crispy bites – toddler approved

These surprised me!  Not only easy to make but they are incredibly versatile,  you could season them hundreds of ways.  What seasoning would you add?  Imagine deep frying them! I decided to coat them in breadcrumbs and double bake them for an incredible crispy outside & super moist center.

what you need:

1 butternut squash, desired seasoning, breadcrumbs, olive oil, chesse (optional)


Cut your squash in half – (this is the worst part, be very careful!)

Brush the squash with of olive oil & roast both halves in the oven (skin down) at 350F for 30mins.

Set aside (I even refrigerated mine overnight).

Use a melon baller to make almost circles.  I try to keep one side flat.

Place a thin layer of SEASONED (don’t’ forget to season) breadcrumbs or panko in shallow bowl and roll the squash in breadcrumbs. You can also add cheese if desired.

Set on baking tray or silicone plate and double bake at 350f for 20mins.



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