about sam


Oogaa was created by Sam Skolnik, a bright young designer who found herself a mother one day. She’s curious, she loves ideas and she seeks to improve because she’s a designer. But she wants it helpful, sustainable and safe because she’s a mother.

Feeding baby Max lunch one day, rice ground into her hair and still in her sleepshirt, Sam saw the advantage of making mealtimes more fun: airplane spoons that glide the goodies safely into land; train engines that chuff towards the open wide tunnel; feeding bowls that reveal big smiles as they’re emptied…

But on her journey to put her ideas into production, Sam unearthed some unappetising facts about plastics: they can leach potentially harmful chemicals like toxic bisphenol A (BPA) and BPS into a baby’s growing body. And heating plastics (just as you would a food bowl in a microwave) can make them release toxins all the more rapidly.

Horrified by what she’d found, Sam considered giving up, but she’s not a quitter. The search for alternatives began and sometime later (Max was a schoolboy by now) oogaa’s first products were made in high quality silicone – a safe, durable material that’s odourless, tasteless, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, steriliser safe, heat resistant, fling proof and all-round excellent.

Now the oogaa range has expanded to include even more innovative, healthy and responsible designs for children, and the oogaa team numbers 6 staff and many valued contributors, including our customers. We’re still learning of course – but we’ll be doing that forever because that’s where challenge, variation and freshness come from.