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Tip of the week from @oogaababy instagram

Tip: Compress your food into a cookie cutter. This literally packs more food into a smaller space so your little one does not get overwhelmed by the amount you are feeding them. It’s a little trick that really works. Try it!

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Survey says, most people are not aware of BPS, Bisphenol S

  Social media is amazing! I can see that our average follower is 29 years old and that 95% of our total followers are women. Seven years ago our average follower would have been 23. At 23 I was not focused on harmful chemicals. If you didn’t have a baby then you would probably not…

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NEW, lids for the oogaa bowls. Making mealtimes so easy!

We now have lids for the oogaa bowls!  Our newly launched 100% silicone lids fit all oogaa bowls (they do not fit the divided plates) and are perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge or covering your littlle ones food for later. Available at as a set of 2 for $5.99 .You can add…

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