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Fantastic news!

By Sam / June 28, 2011

  As of May 2011 all oogaa silicone feeding products have officially passed the required scientific and safety testing for sales in the UK, USA, Canada and Hong Kong. We…

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oogaa baby mealtime sets

By Sam / March 8, 2011

Our next MOST IMPORTANT step to getting the oogaa products on the market is the third party testing.  We will test for safety and durability along with making sure the…

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What's coming in 2011

By Sam / January 30, 2011

We are getting closer and closer to launching the first part of our oogaa Home products for 2011. Our first launch will feature: Silicone baby bowls, silicone placemats and our…

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The time is right

By Sam / January 25, 2011

Living the life of an expat in Hong Kong can bring some very mixed emotions.  We didn’t know if we were coming or going, did this feel like home and…

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Translating your ideas to reality

By Sam / January 24, 2011

I’m secretly lazy (my husband would definitely agree), I enjoy my own company and I talk to myself inside my head – always writing a letter or a journal entry,…

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Nine years on

By Sam / January 21, 2011

My son Max is turning nine, NINE!  It amazes me how fast the time has gone and what a wonderful big boy he is.  His confidence is growing, he has…

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